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Questions about using the site as a volunteer

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What should I do if I can't find my verification email or invitation email or the link has expired?
Why isn't the right image showing when I share a page on social media?
How do I change my profile picture?
How does the activity history work?
Email notifications settings and how to adjust them.
How do I unregister from the volunteer pool
How do I edit my profile in the volunteer pool?
Why can't I open a page/login/why do I get an URL error?
How do I registers for the volunteer pool?
How do I create an account?
How can I log in?
How do I sign out?
I forgot my password, now what?
How can I change my password?
How can I edit my email address?
How can I view and edit my profile?
How can I edit my profile settings?
Who can view my profile?
How can I show my activities as a volunteer on my profile?
How can I add volunteer activities to my profile?
How do I set my volunteer preference?
How can I edit my volunteering preferences?
How can I find volunteering activities nearby?
How can I search for volunteer work nearby?
How do I use search terms to find volunteer work?
How do I indicate which type of activities I'm interested in?
How do I indicate which skills and interests have my preference?
How do I filter my search for volunteer work per theme or cause category?
How can I indicate which themes or categories I find important?
How do I find volunteer work from a specific organization?
How do I find volunteering activities during a specific period or on a direct date?
How do I search for volunteer work related to a particular activity?
How do I apply for volunteer work?
Where can I view my applications and cancel my application?
How do I save an opportunity for later on?
Can I help out at organisations that don't have any suitable opportunities available?
How do I invite people to sign up for a particular job or event?
Can I volunteer in a group?
How can I find volunteer work that is suitable for English-speakers?
How can I view my messages and notifications?
I need an API key, where can I find this?
How do I delete my profile?