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How can I add volunteer activities to my profile?
How can I add volunteer activities to my profile?

Can I show volunteer activities I was a part on my profile? Can I build up a volunteer CV?

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You can keep an overview of your volunteering activities on your profile. This allows you to keep a 'volunteer CV'. When this functionality is enabled, the system automatically keeps track of the activities you partook in via Deedmob. Other activities can be added manually: 

  1. Press on "+Add activities"

  2. A pop up box with a form will appear

  3. Indicate how you volunteered

  4. Add data about when the volunteer work took place

  5. Using a short description, indicate what exactly you did

  6. Indicate how many hours, in total, you spent at this activity

  7. Tick the box if you'd like to ask the organization for confirmation. If you choose this, the organization wil receive a request to verify your activity

  8. Indicate which organization you volunteered for

  9. Press on "Submit" once you're certain all of the details you have entered are correct

The functionality of showing volunteer activities on your profile can be switched on and off under "Volunteering preferences", by pressing the checkbox "Show my activity on profile"

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