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How does the activity history work?
How does the activity history work?

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The activity report shows a record of the activities a volunteer has performed. If you have been matched with a volunteering opportunity and the activity has ended, it will automatically appear in your activity history. Since this is just an overview you will only see the title, date and hours of the activity. The volunteer can add their own description about what they did.

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Example of an activity in the activity history:

Where do I find my activity history?

  1. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.

  2. Click on "View Profile."

  3. Here you can see your activity history

How can I share my activity history with others?

When you get to your activity history, copy the URL. Using this URL, any user with an account can see your profile and activity history.

How do I find someone else's activity history?

Ask the person to share the profile URL. Read "How can I share my activity history with others?" to find out where to find this link.

How does adding activities manually work?

So you can also add activities manually. You can add the title yourself or get it from the job board. The information from the opportunity will not be automatically taken when you manually add something.

  1. Go to your activity history

  2. Click on "add activities

  3. Enter all the information

  4. Don't forget to ask the organization for confirmation that you did this activity!

How do I add a description to an activity?

You can do this by clicking on "edit" at the activity and add a description.

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