When you want to submit an opportunity to someone or have found an event you would like to participate in with a group of friends, you can notify your friends or invite them to this activity.

1. Go to the page of the specific activity.

2. On the top right, just below the blue sign in button, you will find the button 'Invite friends'.

3. When you press this button, a pop up appears with three possibilities

Possibility 1: Invite user
You can invite a person with an account directly.

1. Select "Invite user".

2. Enter his or her name.

3. Select the correct person from the list.

4. Press the "Send invitation" button.

Possibility 2: Invite by mail

If a person doesn't have an account yet, or if you're not sure which account to choose (sometimes users have the same name), you can also use that person's email address.

1. Select "Invite by mail".

2. Enter the email address under "To:".

3. Adjust "Subject", "Message" and "Language" if necessary.

4. Press the "Send invitations" button.

Possibility 3: Members

If you want to invite people who are already members of your organisation, you can select them from a list.

1. Select "Members".

2. Select the members from the list.

3. Adjust "Subject" and "Message" if necessary.

4. Press the "Send emails" button.

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