Tips & Tricks: Embed Codes

Embedding. Embed. Integrate external tools / functionalities / platforms. Distribute vacancies / workshops / activities on the web.

Embedding is placing content from one site on another site. This makes content from one site visible on another site. This has two important advantages:

  1. You don't have to manually copy/paste the content.

  2. If the original content is updated, this also happens automatically with the embedded content.

Embedding the content is done by means of an HTML link, or the embed code. Embed codes are used all over the internet, and they work both ways:

  • From your own site or platform to an external site

  • From an external site to your own site or platform

There are therefore two main reasons to use embed codes:

  • Increasing your reach

  • Making your own site or platform more beautiful / better



Expand your reach

Vacancies / workshops / activities can be published on other sites using embed codes. This means nice content for the other site and it generates more traffic for your platform. Win win!


In addition, it is good for ranking in search engines because your content is on multiple sites that all link back to your platform. Win-win-win!


For Organization Administrators:

For platform administrators:



Making your own site or platform more beautiful / better

You can also place external content or functionality on your own website using embed codes. With this you can make your site more attractive or add tools. On one page or even platform-wide.


For platform administrators:



Do you have questions? Contact a Deedmob Consultant or your Partnership Manager to discuss the options.