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How do I embed social media posts on the platform?
How do I embed social media posts on the platform?

Add, show social media account. Feed. Embed. Integrate.

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To show your social media posts on the platform, you need to use a social media aggregator and embed it to the platform. A social media aggregator is an online tool which you use to create a feed of your social media posts. It gives you and HTML-code which you can copy and paste into the embed section of our platform (also see: Tips & Tricks: embed codes).

There are many different tools you can use, find a selection below:

Many of our partners use the free version of They offer different plans, including a free plan. This article provides a step by step explanation of how to use and embed it.

Getting started with

  1. Create an account

  2. You can pick a social media source right away and add it to your account and create a feed.

Create a feed to add to the platform:

  1. Go to "organise" in the left menu

  2. Add social media accounts (up to three for the free version)

  3. You can choose to hide posts with bad words under "rule"

  4. Click on "Style feed"

  5. Have a look at the different style options and choose your favourite. Note that not all options are available on the free plan.

  6. Click "publish feed"

  7. Copy the HTML-code by clicking "copy to clipboard" or selecting the code and copying it.

Video: Adding social media account to

Video: Customising your feed and copying the HTML-code

Add the feed to the platform:

  1. Open the page where you want to add the social media feed

  2. Open the page editor

  3. Choose "embed" section

  4. Paste the HTML-code

  5. Click close&preview

  6. Save the page

Video: Adding the feed to your platform

Editing your feed:

If you want to add more accounts to you existing feed or change the style, follow the following steps:

  1. Login to

  2. Go to "organise"

  3. Click the big plus sign to add an account.

  4. Click on the three dots to edit the feed.

  5. To change the style, you can either click on style after clicking the three dots or you click on the style sign in the left menu.

  6. The embedded feed on your platform will update automatically. You do not have to copy and paste the HTML-code again.

Video: editing your feed

Please note:

Sometimes, social media account disconnect.

  • Every 60 day for private instagram accounts

  • Anytime if you change your password

  • Sometimes randomly

  • If this happens, you get an email and have to log in to the social media account again.


  • Posts that are deleted from you social media account stay visible on the curator feed. There is no "re-scan" to see if old posts are deleted or not. You can manually delete them from the curator feed.

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