What are the differences between a platform moderator and an administrator?

Platform moderator. platform administrator.

Administrators have access to the entire platform, where they can modify everything.

Moderators have access to a subset of the platform, namely the data overview of organisations, users, signups, and opportunities. Furthermore, moderators can make adjustments to organisations and opportunities on the platform and look into the analytics dashboard. For example, moderators cannot modify or create pages.

Moderators can access:

  • Analytics

  • Organizations

  • Users

  • Signups

  • Opportunities

  • impact Reports

  • Volunteer pool (if applicable on the platform)

  • Forms

Moderators cannot access:

  • Settings

  • Admins

  • Pages

  • Blog Posts

  • Reports


What a platform administrator sees in the Admin Panel

What a platform moderator sees in the Admin Panel