Get the latest version of a page

Current version via hotkeys. Incognito mode or private screen. Clear your browser's cache.

When surfing the internet, browsers store parts of websites locally on the computer in the browser's memory: the cache. The advantage is that the relevant page can then be displayed faster on a subsequent visit. That is very pleasant for the visitors.


However, it can sometimes happen that on a next visit the old data is shown causes problems. In those cases it can be useful not to retrieve the latest data locally, but from the server. This means that the cache must be emptied to retrieve the latest information.


You can view the latest version of a page in several ways:

  1. By retrieving the current version via keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Via an incognito or private screen.

  3. By clearing your browser's cache.

Below we have explained the different methods.



Get current version of a page via keyboard shortcuts

Without clearing the entire cache, it is also possible to directly retrieve the latest version of a particular web page. Use the following keyboard combinations for this:

  • Windows: Ctrl + F5 (Refresh from the server) - F5 (also refresh with local data)

  • Mac: Command + Shift + R



View the latest version of a website in incognito or private mode

Most browsers these days have an incognito mode. When you open the private mode, you can surf the internet without your surfing behavior and internet data being tracked by the browser. The cache is then empty.


The following table shows how to enable incognito mode in different browsers.





Google Chrome

Settings (top right) > New Incognito Window

Ctrl + Shift + N

Microsoft Edge

Settings (top right) > New InPrivate

Crtl + Shift + P

Mozilla Firefox

Settings (top right) > New Private window

Ctrl + Shift + P

Apple Safari

Settings (top right) > Private mode

Shift + Command + N


Clear your browser's cache

Emptying the cache is slightly different for each browser. We have collected links to Google below with the correct search term per browser.

Did you not solve your problem with clearing the cache? Please contact your platform administrator.