Sometimes it can be useful if you can manually remove someone from the volunteer pool. For example, if a user has had contact outside the platform. Fortunately, this can be done very easily.

  1. Go to "data" > "users" via the admin panel and find the right user.

  2. Click on the name and the profile appears.

  3. Click on the "edit" icon (see image below) of the profile you want to add to the pool.

  4. Check the options "Join our Volunteer Pool [...]" and potentially "Join our Crisis Pool [...]" (you can find these options at the bottom of the profile page).

  5. Click on "save changes".

  6. The user has now been added to the volunteer pool.

The process from "data" > "users":

The "edit" icon:

The same process, but in reverse, applies to manually removing a user from the volunteer pool.

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