As an organization administrator or organization moderator, you can assign a member of your organization to your activity, workshop, event, opportunity, etc. This means you can make a match with a member without them having to sign up for the activity first. Only do this if you have permission from the member!

  1. Go to your organization page

  2. In the left menu, click on the top option. Often this is "opportunities." Please note: depending on the settings of the platform/website, this may have a different name.

  3. You will now enter the overview of all activities, workshops, events, jobs, etc.

  4. Choose the activity for which you want to assign someone.

  5. Click on "more".

  6. Choose "assign"

  7. Enter the member's name or email address and select the right member.

  8. You can edit the status and optionally add a message.

  9. Click "assign and send" or choose to assign the member without notifying them.

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