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How do I edit the e-mail notifications I get as a platform admin?
How do I edit the e-mail notifications I get as a platform admin?

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As a platform administrator of the website you get several e-mail notifications about activities on your platform. To adjust these, login to you platform admin account. Follow these steps to access the e-mail notification settings:

  1. Click on your profile icon.

  2. Click on settings. You will now see your profile overview.

  3. Click "edit profile".

  4. In the navigation bar, select "Email Notifications".

You can unsubscribe and subscribe from different notifications by clicking on the buttons next to the notification description. If they are grey, you are unsubscribed from the email notification. If the button is coloured, you are subscribed.

There are some general email notifications all users get, whether they are users, moderators or admins. See below.

Below that you will see notification settings for volunteers and settings for organisations. This is because as a platform administrator you can also sign up for volunteer activities, workshops and events. Also, as a platform administrator you are the admin of your organisation page. If you scroll down, you will see the notifications that apply to you as platform administrator.

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