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How do I create an organisation on my website?
How do I create an organisation on my website?

Create organisation. Organisation page, organisation profile.

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In order to create an organisation page it is first necessary to create a personal profile. This profile acts as the contact person of the organisation. After creating an organisation page, contact persons can be added and removed from the organisation if desired.

Why do I need to create a personal profile to be able to sign up my organisation on Deedmob?

In order to meet the needs of your organisation as well as possible, contact persons can be added to one organisation. In addition, we use the personal profile to verify the organisation, so we can be sure that the person who creates the organisation is actually active for your organisation.

Step 1: Create a personal profile

To register click on "Create account" on the homepage on the top right. You can choose to register via Facebook, or via your email.

Register via Facebook:

1. Press the blue button "Sign up with Facebook".

2. Deedmob retrieves your data, such as your name, email and photo, automatically from Facebook.

3. Press “Continue with Facebook”

Register via Email:

1. Please fill in your first and last name

2. Enter the e-mail address where you want to receive notifications from Deedmob

3. Enter your password

4. Agree to the general terms and conditions by ticking the box

5. Press the "Create account" button

Step 2: Create an organisation profile

After creating your personal profile you can now create an organisation page.

1. Hover over your profile icon in the upper right side of the screen

2. Then click on "Create Organisation"

3. Please fill in the form

Name organisation

Enter the name of your organisation here.


This is the link to your final page, it will be generated automatically. You don't have to change anything.

Address organisation

Enter the address of your organisation here. The address of your organisation will be used to determine the location of your organisation's opportunities if you do not specify a specific location for each opportunity.


Here you can add the URL of your organisation's website. We will make it visible on your organisational profile, so that interested parties can find more information about your organisation through your own website.

Type of organisation

Indicate here the type of organisation that your organisation is.

About us

Tell more about your organisation's mission, what kind of activities you undertake and why, and any other things that are important for volunteers to know.


Here you can upload your organisation's logo.

Background picture

Add a picture of your organisation here. For example, a photo of your team or the target group you are working for as an organisation. This photo will be displayed on your organisation page and on your opportunity pages, provided you have not added a specific photo for each opportunity.

Organisation category

Select a maximum of three categories or themes for which your organisation is committed. Try to be as specific as possible, so that volunteers clearly know what your organisation stands for. There is no point in selecting categories that do not suit your organisation, this will only lead to negative experiences of potential volunteers.

Sustainable Development Goals (sometimes)

On some websites it is possible to add one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to your organisation. Try to be as specific as possible and look for what really suits you!

1. Now press the "Create" button to create your organisation.

2. You can now continue to work, for example with the creation of opportunities or events, but you can only publish them after your organisation has been approved.

Step 3: Approving your organisation / Why does my organisation need to be approved and how long does it take?

After you have created your organisation we will approve your organisation as soon as possible so you can start recruiting volunteers. The approval of your organisation serves to check that the quality of the platform is guaranteed and that, for example, no organisations are placed by people who are not active for that organisation.

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