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How do you open an incognito/private window?
How do you open an incognito/private window?

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Most browsers these days have an incognito mode. When you open this private mode, you can surf the internet without your surfing behavior and internet data being tracked by the browser. The cache is empty. Every time you close the incognito/private window, all your data is deleted, such as your login information and cookies.

You can use an incognito/private window if you don't want to log out of your normal window but login with another account (e.g. a test account), or to see what a page looks like when the cache is empty and no cookies are set. Cookies and cache can influence webpage behaviour, which you can read in the article "Why can't I open a page/login/why do I get an URL error?". You can read more about the cache in this article.

The following table shows how to enable incognito mode in different browsers.




Google Chrome

Settings (top right) > New Incognito Window

Ctrl + Shift + N

Microsoft Edge

Settings (top right) > New InPrivate

Crtl + Shift + P

Mozilla Firefox

Settings (top right) > New Private window

Ctrl + Shift + P

Apple Safari

Settings (top right) > Private mode

Shift + Command + N

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