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For platform admins
For platform admins
Questions about the use of the platform for platform admins.
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How do I add a document to a blog?
How often can a volunteer be contacted in the volunteer pool?
How often can an organisation reach out to volunteers in the volunteer pool?
How do I customize organization terms?
Tips & Tricks: data view
Tips & Tricks: reaching new volunteers
As platform administrator how do I add a user to the volunteer pool?
How to create a moving banner for my platform?
How do I post opportunities/activities/workshops/events on a page?
How can I add users who don't have an email address?
How do I customize/change the terms for activities on the site?
How can I apply section themes?
Why isn't a volunteer visible in the volunteer pool?
As platform administrator, how do I delete a user from the volunteer pool?
Tips & Tricks: Embed Codes
As a platform administrator, how can I embed / integrate an external tool on a platform-wide basis?
How can I embed / integrate an external tool on a page as a platform administrator?
Can I move vacancies/activities between organizations and/or teams?
As platform admin, how can I publish vacancies / workshops / activities on other sites?
How do I embed social media posts on the platform?
How do I edit an image for split media-text columns?
How do I add a form to a webpage?
Get the latest version of a page
How do I edit the e-mail notifications I get as a platform admin?
When does a volunteer get removed from the volunteerpool?
How do I add a link to an image?
What are forms and questionnaires and where can I find them?
What are profanity reports?
What is (the importance of) a meta description and title?
Why doesn't a user have an e-mail address?
How can I invite volunteers to the volunteer pool via a button / link?
How do I edit the meta description for discover opportunities page?
How do I change the title and meta description of a page?
Add links to your various social media profiles in the footer?
How do I customize the navigation bar?
How do I adjust the contact details in the footer?
How do I edit the footer?
How can I customise the automails on my Deedmob platform?
What does a question mark mean in the user data interface?
What is an unclaimed organisation?
How can I create an organisation for another user?
How can I delete an organisation
Excel export or download configuration
How do I delete a user account?
How do I integrate my MailChimp account on my organisations' Deedmob website?
How do I find the details of a specific user, organisation, opportunity, signup?
Where do I find the most recent signups?
How do I check if a volunteer is already in contact with the organisation they have signed up for?
Where do I find the latest opportunities?
How do I find expired opportunities?
How do I add a story/blog post?
How do I find the most recent organisations?
How do I change opportunities in organizations?
How do I find the profile of a volunteer?
How do I add admins to an organisation on our platform?
How do I create an activity on behalf of my organisation or volunteer centre?
How do I create a new page?
How do I edit a page?
How can I approve or reject an organisation?
How do I add a platform administrator or moderator
How does the volunteer pool change the platform?
Tips & tricks: the volunteer pool.
What are the differences between a platform moderator and an administrator?