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Manually link / match users to activities
Manually link / match users to activities

Assign users to activities (opportunities, workshops, events). Intermediary. Mediator. Matchmaking.

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As a platform manager or moderator, you often also play the role of an intermediary or mediator. To make matchmaking easy, we have made it possible to assign users and manually link them to activities.

This means that you can make a match between a user and an organization without the user having to apply for the activity first. Note that an 'Application' will be created and that this wil show up in the analytics. This is also possible if an activity has already closed or ended. Only do this if you have permission from the user and organization!

Assign a user:

  1. Go to the administration panel.

  2. Click on 'activities'. Note: depending on the platform / website settings, this may have a different name.

  3. You will now see the data overview of all types of activities.

  4. Find the activity you want to assign someone to by using the ID number, title, contact person or organization.

  5. Below the link to the activity you will see '+ Assign user', click on that. A pop-up will now appear with 4 input fields:

    1. Activity: this has already been filled in, but you could still change it

    2. User: Search for and select the user by entering the user's name or email address.

    3. Status: here you can adjust the status of the 'application'.

    4. Message: here you can optionally add a message to the user. Note: this message is sent on behalf of the organization linked to the activity. The organization is not notified, but organization administrators can read the message in their message center.

  6. Click 'Assign and send' or 'Assign without notifying'. The text on the buttons speaks for itself.

FYI: Organization administrators and moderators can also do this at the organization level with their own members.

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