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How do custom signup fields work?
How do custom signup fields work?

Gathering data from users.

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Sometimes you need additional information from your users. Maybe you need to report on age and diversity, or you want to tailor your marketing to the age group of your users. You can ask for this information at signup in the form of custom signup fields.

PLEASE NOTE: don't add to many fields, especially required fields, as this may cause you to lose users!

Watch the explanation video or jump to the written explanation of the following points:

1. How do I add custom signup fields?

You can add custom signup fields where you can configure custom fields in the data view:

  1. Go to the administration panel

  2. Go to "users"

  3. Choose "configure new fields"

  4. Add a new field

  5. For "show on signup form", choose "optional" or "required"

  6. Don't forget to save the changes

  7. Log out (or use an incognito window) and go to "create account" to see what it looks like for a user.

2. What should I consider when adding custom signup fields?

To ensure a smooth and efficient signup process, it's important to strike the right balance between gathering data and user friendliness. Here are some guidelines to make the most of this feature while maximising user registrations:

  1. Limit the number of extra signup fields to two: A quick and hassle-free registration experience encourages more people to join your platform. Overwhelming users with numerous fields can lead to frustration and may deter them from completing the signup process.

  2. Restrict the number of required signup fields to one: While customising user data is valuable, avoid making too many fields mandatory. Forcing users to provide information they are not comfortable sharing can create reluctance, ultimately leading to potential sign-up drop-offs.

  3. Prioritize User Privacy: Respect user privacy and be cautious about asking for invasive or overly personal information. Understand that some users might be hesitant to share certain details. For example, choosing an age group might feel less invasive than sharing your entire birth date.

  4. Monitor Signup Rates: After implementing the custom signup fields, keep a close eye on your signup rates. If you notice a significant decline in signups, consider revisiting the necessity of these additional fields.

Always prioritise user experience and be ready to adapt based on user feedback and behaviour.

3. What changes for existing users when I add custom signup fields?

As soon as you add new login fields, users will get a pop-up asking them to fill these out.

4. What happens when I update a questions?

The updated question will not be shown to users that have already filled it.

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