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How do I add a document to a blog?
How do I add a document to a blog?

adding a pdf to an article

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You can add a document (such as a .pdf document) to a blog with a link to the document. If you have a link to the document, you can add it to the blog (go straight to step 2, see below). If you don't have a link yet, follow the next two steps:

Step 1: Create a link for the document through the "downloads" section.

  1. Go to the administration panel

  2. Go to "pages"

  3. Click on "new page"

  4. Choose a page title (for example, "downloads") and click "create page"

  5. Click "add section" and choose "downloads"

  6. Choose the title, category title and add a file

  7. Save the page

  8. Make the page private so visitors cannot see it

  9. Click on "view

  10. You now have a link that allows you to link to the document. You can find it when you click on the title of document.

TIP: You can always find the documents again via the administration panel -> pages. Here all pages are stored, including the page just created where the document is.

Step 2: Add the link for the document to the blog.

  1. Click on the title of your document to open it and copy the link

  2. Go back to the platform and to the administration panel

  3. Click on "blog posts"

  4. Choose the blog you want to add the document to or create a new blog

  5. Add the link in the text using the switch icon and/or a button

  6. Click on save

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