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How can I delete an organisation
How can I delete an organisation

Delete organisation

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Sometimes, an organisation admin wants to delete the organisation from your platform. The organisational goals could have been reached or that the organisation does not exist anymore, or for any other reason: the organisation want its organisation deleted. The following steps show how to delete an organisation.

  1. Click your profile icon and go to the Administration Panel

  2. Click on Organisations

  3. Search for the organisation in the Search bar on the upper left corner of the data screen.

  4. Click on the organisation. You will go to the respective organisation page.

  5. Click "Settings" in the menu on the left

  6. Click on the "Customize" heading under the Organisation Settings

  7. Click on the "Delete" button next to "Delete Organisation"

  8. A pop-up will appear, which asks you to fill in the organisation name to confirm. Type your organisation name and click on "Delete Organisation"

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