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How can I apply section themes?
How can I apply section themes?

Change background and text font and color/colour for a section or content block.

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Section themes is a feature where you can customise a layout which you can add to a certain section. This creates tons of design opportunities! Read through this article or jump directly to a certain part:

How to get to the feature:

  • Log in

  • Go to the 'Admin Panel'

  • Go to 'Settings'

  • Select 'Section themes'

How to create a section theme:

  • Click 'Add section theme'

  • Give the section theme a name

  • Click 'add override' to select a custom font or colour. It defaults to 'Site theme' settings.

  • Change the colour/font

  • Click 'submit'

  • Your section theme is ready to be used!

How to apply a theme to a section in the page editor

  1. Go to respective page

  2. Open the page editor

  3. Click on the pencil icon to edit the section you'd like to apply the section theme to

  4. You can set the theme in the left lower corner of the section edit mode

  5. Don't forget to save the page!

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