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How can I add users who don't have an email address?
How can I add users who don't have an email address?

Create an account for people who don't have an email address.

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There are sometimes people who would like to volunteer, but who are not digitally active. This is difficult if you work with a digital system where each user must have an email address. Fortunately, there are two solutions to give those people an account.

Which solution works best for you depends on the intended goal: making connections and passing on information or purely for statistics.

  • If the goal is to give the user a "normal" account where you act as an intermediary to make the connection and pass on messages, we speak of a letterbox account. In this case, it remains possible to continue to use the internal messaging service and e-mail to facilitate conversations.

  • If creating the user is purely to perform a number of actions so that the statistics are correct and there is no need to do anything with messages, you can choose a statistics account.

We recommend using a letterbox account, since you never know if you will ever need a statistics account for something else and it takes just as much effort to set it up.

How do I set up a letterbox account?

This can be done using a sub- or task-specific email address. Today this is supported by most email providers, including Google (task specific) and Microsoft (sub). The name is different, but fortunately the operation is the same everywhere.

The advantage of a sub-email address is that you can create unique e-mail addresses that arrive at your regular address. So you don't have to create a new account or set up all kinds of extra things.

You do this by adding a plus sign (+) and a word before the @ sign in your current email address.


Let's assume that is your current email address. Now suppose you want to create an account for user A.

  1. You can then choose to create an account with the following e-mail address:

  2. All messages and notifications for that user will arrive at your current email address:

  3. In this way you can create an infinite number of accounts while you are sure that the messages keep coming in. For example:




How do I set up a statistics account?

Because an account with us is always linked to an e-mail address, you cannot ignore an e-mail address. However, you can use a temporary email address. There are several websites/tools like this that let you use a temporary email address with inbox.

  1. On the website you will see a temporary e-mail address that you can use to create an account.

  2. Below that is an inbox. This is where the confirmation email comes in.

  3. Once the account is confirmed you can use it on the platform.

  4. Since the email address is temporary, messages to that account will not arrive anywhere.

With the above methods you can also create an account for users without an email address. Good luck!

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