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What is the difference between an organisation user, moderator, and admin?
What is the difference between an organisation user, moderator, and admin?

Organisation admin/moderator difference. What is a moderator?

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An organisation page on a platform has different access levels: Admin, moderator, and member.


The admin is the highest access level. The admin can access all functionality of the organisation page.


The moderator can only access part of the functionality of the organisation page, which is:

  • A moderator can create/edit opportunities

  • A moderator can be a contactperson for an opportunity - they will be notified when people apply to the opportunity

  • A moderator can respond to applicants

  • A moderator can send organisation members a message

  • A moderator can create a team

  • A moderator can invite members to the organisation

  • A moderator can delete members from the organisation

  • A moderator can create/edit forms.

  • A moderator can renew opportunities

  • A moderator can find suitable volunteers in the volunteer bank (if this is active on the platform)

  • A moderator can upload files

  • A moderator can delete the organisation

Contrary to an admin, a moderator cannot:

  • Promote members to moderators or admin, or downgrade admins and moderators within the organisation

  • Delete admins or moderators from the organisation

  • Change organisation settings


An organisation member can access a very limited number of functionalities. Members of organisations can be kept up to date via mailing, see recommended activities, and indicate their participation in an organisation by being a member of the organisation.

A member can:

  • View upcoming and expired activities/vacancies

  • View the teams of an organisation

  • View the photos of an organisation

  • Be invited to the activities of an organisation

  • Create opportunities, events or activities for an organisation in specific cases

What administrators see in the organisation page

Important: Regional Teams are only active if they are ticked in Settings. In addition, Search potential volunteers is only visible if a platform has a volunteer pool active on the website.

What moderators see in the organisation page

What users see in the organisation page

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