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How do I customise the photos on my organisation page?
How do I customise the photos on my organisation page?

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  1. Go to your organization page (log in > press the profile icon at the top right > select your organization in the expanded menu)

  2. Click the settings tab on the left

  3. Here you can set a new logo and cover photo

    1. Logo: A square logo with a white or transparent background will look best.

    2. Background photo: a minimum of 940x330 pixels will look best.

  4. After uploading the image, you can crop it for the best result.

ATTENTION: the image can be max. 5 MB in size.

If there is already a picture, you can replace it. Click "Remove" to remove the picture and replace it with a new picture.

Does your organisation not have an image bank where you can find a good cover photo? Then take a look at this site, or this one, or this one for nice rights-free photos.

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