1. Click your profile icon at the top right

  2. Select your organisation underneath "organisations"

  3. Click on 'Opportunities' (this may also have a different name on your platform. It's the top button under About on the left).

  4. Choose the type of opportunity you want to create.

  5. Create your opportunity.

Do you want to show this opportunity on a certain page?

  1. Go to the admin panel.

  2. Click on 'Pages'.

  3. Select the page on which you want to place the opportunities, or create a new page

  4. Add a section called 'Deeds' (this may also be called 'opportunities', 'activities', or 'vacancies')

  5. Select your organization to show all activities in this section, or manually select activities by selecting 'Choose yourself' from the drop-down menu.

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