The moderator role has several rights within the organization page. Most of them have to do with the recruitment and managing of volunteers. Moderators can create and manage vacancies, invite new members, but cannot, for example, change any of the settings of the organization page. 

Editing access levels

As an admin of your organization you can set the different organization access levels of accounts that are part of your organization. You can upgrade accounts (from member to moderator and from moderator to admin) or downgrade them (from admin to moderator or from moderator to member). 

  1. On your organization page, visit the tab 'members'
  2. On the right, next to the name of the person who's access level you wish to edit, press on the three dots
  3. Select the action of your choice
  4. Downgrading people goes automatically. In order to upgrade someone, the person in question needs to accept the edit first.

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