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How do I add a questionnaire to my opportunity?
How do I add a questionnaire to my opportunity?
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Whether you are organising a big event that requires 100 volunteers, or whether you are looking for a very specific volunteer for an important task, it is often useful to ask potential volunteers for additional information when they sign up.

To make it easy to do this we have developed a questionnaire function. When you link a questionnaire to one of your opportunities, the volunteer will be asked to answer this questionnaire at the time they sign up for your opportunity.

Below you can see an example of a questionnaire:

You can create a questionnaire by navigating to the heading "Questionnaires" on the organisation page.

  1. Press the button "Create questionnaire +".

  2. Give a title to your questionnaire and select the person who will receive the answers.

  3. You can then choose from 7 different types of questions:

  • Short answer - open question with space for short answers

  • Long answer - open question with room for long answers

  • Single choice (dropdown)* - select 1 answer from a list

  • Date - select a date

  • Checkbox - tick when applicable

  • Multiple choice - select multiple answers

  • Single choice* - select one answer

You can indicate per question if this is a mandatory question, you can also add extra instructions to your question. To change the order of questions, drag and drop them down or up.

* Both "Single choice (dropdown)" and "Single choice" ask the sender to choose 1 answer from a number of options you have specified. The "dropdown" is a choice field that unfolds, and the single choice is a list from which you can select 1 option. The dropdown keeps the questionnaire a bit shorter when you have a question with many answers.

When your questionnaire is finished, you can select it in the form that you use to create an opportunity.

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